Facts You Should Know About The Ultimate Herpes Protocol

Herpes is a dreadful infection that mostly spreads through physical contact and primarily affecting the genitals. It is caused by the HSV – Herpes Simplex Virus – virus and manifests as small blisters around the affected area. The blisters are usually filled with liquid and can be very itchy.

Thousands of people carry either the HSV-1 or HSV-2 virus unknowingly until symptoms begin to show. Medicinal treatments for herpes mostly entail antiviral drugs that help affected individuals stay symptom-free for a while but they don’t actually eliminate the HSV.

Natural Alternatives

ultimate herpes protocolConsequently, there’s been a lot of focus on natural treatment alternatives for herpes. The Ultimate Herpes Protocol is one of the most promising natural treatments for herpes. The manual offers a step-by-step process of treating herpes for good using purely natural methods.

Written by Melanie Addington, the manual provides powerful techniques on how to treat both type 1 and type 2 herpes using a unique home treatment method based on natural ingredients. This method also treats shingles, all from the comfort of your home.

Apparently, the techniques provided in the manual are the same exact methods that Melanie used to treat her herpes infection permanently. The self-treatment method in the manual is even more refined as it was rigorously tested on a couple of other individuals.

How It Works

The primary aim of the treatment method offered in this manual is to enhance your immune system so that it is in the best possible shape to attack the herpes virus. The treatment then works to weaken the virus by attacking the protective protein sheath around the virus, thus rendering it vulnerable. Finally, the treatment works to stop virus replication so that you don’t get re-infected after treatment.

This three-pronged attack approach eliminates the infection right at the root rather than simply masking the symptoms to offer temporary relief.

In addition to the main treatment method, there are many other concepts taught in the guide, including the following:

  • The seven steps to perfect body nourishment that helps to augment your immune system.
  • How to eliminate toxic substances from your body fast. This is important for eliminating herpes symptoms.
  • How to make homemade lotions and other concoctions for erasing skin blisters and itching caused by herpes.

Should You Trust Melanie Addington’s Herpes Treatment Manual?

As already mentioned, Melanie suffered from genital herpes and it is her infection that pushed her to find a natural cure. As such, she comprehensively addresses issues surrounding this infection from first-hand knowledge as well as from years of extensive research. This is the main reason to trust her manual.

Bottom line is Melanie shows you that you can do something about herpes without resorting to chemically manufactured drugs. Most importantly, you will learn how to protect yourself from re-infection.


Melanie Addington offers a tried and tested method of eliminating heroes naturally. It is safe, simple, and effective. It is available instantly via electronic download and comes with a full money back guarantee valid for 60 days after purchase.

Is it Time to Text the Romance Back

Did you know that both men and women can benefit from a new program that aims to put the ‘fizz’ back into jaded marriages, relationships, and love affairs? This program, which can be downloaded from the internet for a modest fee, focuses on how improvements to a relationship can be made by firing off text messages using the typical smart phones of today.


Now, it is fair to say that texting and emailing at all hours of the day and night using the latest and greatest handsets has become a feature of modern life. While some people may not altogether like humankind’s massively increased reliance on high tech gizmos to get them through the day, there are certainly benefits, and this is what Mike Fiore explores in his Text the Romance Back guide.

text the romance backFiore, who is a top notch relationship expert and psychiatric counsellor, has put all of his considerable expertise into this book. He says that communication is key to keeping relationships healthy, and also that it is a very common problem for people to communicate less frequently and less warmly with their significant other as the days turn to months, and then to years. Oftentimes, neither partner really notices what is going on, but by the time they do it is frequently too late to turn back time – or is it?

Well, according to Mike Fiore, both women and men CAN take matters into their own hands and reap the full rewards – by spicing up their days and nights with lots of texting back and forth with their loved one.

However, it should be mentioned that the way you use texting when first embarking on a relationship rescue operation depends on how bad things have got. If it is simply a matter of a slight loss of magic and excitement, then the type of texts you should start using will be different than if you are at daggers drawn with your boyfriend, husband, girlfriend, or wife.

This is all explained by Mike Fiore in his e-book and, furthermore, the author has provided a ton of examples of the kinds of things you can tap into your phone. This is superb news for people who are none too talented when it comes to stringing words together. Additionally, some folks are quite chatty but they have woeful spelling and grammar skills, and once again Fiore’s off-the-peg messages are the perfect solution to this particular problem.

Unlike some superficially similar books and products, which are hawked on the shadier corners of the internet, Fiore’s romance texting guide has been given the thumbs up by mainstream media outlets. Fiore has even appeared on national TV, on the Rachel Ray Show, so you can be sure this is no scam but a solid product that is easily worth the purchase price.

But if you are still a tiny bit skeptical, it’s worth mentioning that Mike Fiore has made it so that buyers can purchase his product with complete confidence: if you don’t like the program and feel it wasn’t worth the money, you can get a full refund, even two months after the date of your purchase!

How Make Women Want You Can Turn You Into a Women Magnet

Make Women Want You is a self-help tutorial containing a series of dating skills designed to help you master the art of seducing women. Created by attraction expert Jason Capital, the men-only guide focuses on proven practical techniques that build attraction. There are many real-life examples offered in the manual which you can use as templates to form your own customized approaches.

Available as an instant download PDF, Jason Capital’s guide comes with lots of bonus material. The techniques offered are mostly beginner level but the manual can also act as an indispensable reference for experienced guys.

Achieving Success With Women

make women want youAkin to many dating manuals, Jason teaches a particular attraction formula that he claims to be the key to attracting gorgeous women. This formula follows a simple pattern of attraction, small talk, and escalation, all taught in an incredibly simple manner. Jason’s guide avoids the catastrophe of information overload that’s typical with most other manuals out there. He focuses on what matters and that is to show you how to build intense attraction with women using simple techniques.

Expanding on his 3-step formula, Jason discusses additional techniques that can give better and faster results. For instance, under the small-talk section, he offers additional ideas that go well beyond the typical small talk concepts you know.

In essence, Jason offers a complete framework that entails lots of tips, tricks, and techniques for attracting women. It’s not the typical step-by-step instructional. Instead, you operate within this stated framework to achieve your desired goals with women.

Natural Style Or Rehearsed Routines?

The debate on whether to use scripted pick-up lines or go with a more natural style has been raging on for a while in the attraction game. However, most people fail to realize that both techniques can actually be used to maximize results.

This manual shows you how to use a combination of these two techniques to increase your chances of succeeding with attracting women. If you ever feel stuck and don’t know what to say to a woman, the manual offers countless routines, games, pickup lines, and gimmicks you can use to break the ice. Undoubtedly, the natural style is more charming and effective, but there are times when you get a brain jam and cannot think of something spontaneous. Rehearsed routines can prove indispensable in such cases.

Natural style is Jason’s preferred style and he advises that you too should try as much as possible to act natural. Use the rehearsed style only as a safety net and confidence building strategy.

Jason also encourages self-improvement as the first step to attraction. He offers basic tips on grooming and clothing because a lot of men – especially at beginner level – take these for granted. Self-improvement is a big part of confidence building and you need to take it seriously.


There’s a whole lot of info in Jason Capital’s attraction guide aimed at improving your attraction game. Not only does Jason offer solid theoretical background for all his concepts but also provides practical examples you can immediately apply. And even though the guide is intended for beginners, the tips can be applied by any one regardless of your level of expertise and experience in the dating game.

New Paradigm Guide Old School Body Delivers Great Results

Many young men these days aspire to having a body that’s rippling with muscles in all the right places. But, unsurprisingly, that wish is not confined to the younger generation. Gents in their forties and fifties, and even older, would also like to get a piece of the action, but sadly they find themselves stymied by the fact that their bods are ageing, and it seems like there’s SFA they can do about it.

old school new bodyWell, actually, despite all the problems, it IS possible for older folks to turn back the hands of time, at least partly. While it is true that a fifty-year-old can never regain the body of a twenty-year-old, he CAN get back some of his youthful vigour. But, how is this even possible?

The answer lies in adopting the right approaches to exercising and muscle-building, as well as daily diet and nutrition. And perhaps the best way to achieve those goals is to consider using a program that’s just come on the market and which is specifically designed for the older man or woman who wants to get fit, drop pounds, and generally get into shape in fine style.

Old School New Body, as it is called, was developed by two top class bodybuilders, Steven Holman and Johnny Rowley. The pair between them have tons of know-how in fitness and physique development, and the most salient fact is that their own bods are pretty darned impressive advertisements for the methods advocated in the program.

When you scratch underneath the surface of Old School New Body, you will find that the program actually goes back to the mother lode of bodybuilding. The fact is that those guys back in the day knew a thing or two about pumping iron, but sadly many of the modern operators have forgotten all that good stuff and replaced it with methods that are not so well suited to the needs of older men.

Nevertheless Holman and Rowley are not simply regurgitating old ideas. They have a few brand new tricks up their sleeves, and the kernel of their approach is the three-stage method they say is the key to effective weight loss and lean muscle development. Steven and Johnny call this Lean (stage 1), Shape (stage 2), and Build (stage 3), and it is important to stress that you cannot dodge any of these stages, which are all necessary if you want to be successful using this program.

Unlike some of the competition, Holman and Rowley do not recommend the use of pills and potions to achieve fat loss and physical development. If you use this product, you must resign yourself to eating a good ’n’ healthy diet consisting of natural, fresh foods all the way.

The good news, however, is that the bodybuilding side of the program does not require users to turn into gym gorillas of the worst kind. The FX4 workouts that are a key feature of Old School New Body are designed to build up muscles in a natural-looking, balanced way. Plus, they are also not that time-consuming, so this program is definitely well suited to those with busy lifestyles.

With a retail price of just $47, this program is a must-try for both men and women of a certain age who wish to grab back a large portion of their youth.

What Is Family Survival System About

The family survival system provides tips and tricks of how to stay safe when disaster befalls your family, regardless of what caused it. The self-help manual is a product of Frank Mitchell, a member of the US Armed forces and a survival guru as well with years of experience, training credentials and certifications.

While the core tips offered in the guide focus on economic prepping, the author discusses many other critical aspects of life that can easily become big challenges. It’s no secret that modern life has become so competitive and difficult for many people. A college degree alone doesn’t guarantee a financially stable future. It’ is purely survival for the most prepared.

This system has proved to be a reliable source of survival techniques that are compatible with the 21st century lifestyle. It is a must- have for anyone looking to be prepared for uncertainties.

Key Aspects of Frank Mitchell’s Survival Guide

Here are the key aspects of this manual:

Threats Americans face currently: This section discusses the most common 21st century threats that Americans face. The section deals with various scenarios and offers survival tips for those situations.

Your family make up and how it affects your prepping: This chapter offers a set of tools you can use to assess your current situation and how you can overcome the current crisis you are facing.

Prepper Triangle: This chapter deals with key survival gear, tools, and skills that are critical for disaster survival.

The top ten knowledge checklist: In this chapter, you learn about the most trusted resources where you can get essential info about surviving disasters.

Gathering and storing food: One of the scariest predictions made in this survival guide is that there’s looming famine that will come as a result of a big disaster. As such, this chapter offers tips on how to collect and store food in a practical and economical way. Even if the famine doesn’t come, the tips about living a frugal life will prove beneficial in the long run.

Bugging out versus bugging in: When calamity strikes your present home area, chances are high that you will relocate. In this chapter, you will get advice on how to safely relocate and whether it is safe to relocate in the first place.

Home defense techniques: This section offers practical home defense techniques to keep out intruders. This is the ultimate prepper family advice that every American family must be e quipped with.

How to get started with prepping: The author of this guide is a seasoned prepper and in this section, he offers top tips on how to make the most of the skills and knowledge you’ve learned so far from the guide.

Small steps get you far: In the final section, the author discusses the importance of acting now rather than later. The emphasis here is on the importance of following each step in the system as it is laid out.


The Family Survival System guide offers solid prepping tips that could potentially be the difference between survival and destruction in a time of disaster. It is pretty comprehensive and touches on all major survival techniques essential for today’s family.

Grow Taller 4 Idiots – A Great Buy if You Crave Extra Inches

In today’s world, it’s a sad fact that people who are not so tall tend to get a raw deal in lots of areas, ranging from work to love and romance. For example, it is a well-known fact that gals generally prefer tall guys and they are not keen to date men who are on the small side.

grow taller 4 idiotsIn the same way, men of short stature often get sidelined in the race for promotion at work – or even to get appointed in the first place. Never mind that the taller candidate for the job or promotion may lack talent and flair, it is often the case that others, i.e. the ones doing the selecting, judge by appearances and they are subconsciously drawn to favor taller candidates. This is a scandal, and you would think employment law would make this an impossibility, but no such luck.

That leaves the short among us – and this applies to both male and female – caught between a rock and a hard place. Naturally, they would dearly like to grow a little bit more, but the general consensus in mainstream science and medicine is that this is impossible once you have got past puberty.

Well, as we know, mainstream medics often get it wrong, and so anybody who is somewhat height-challenged and would like to do something about it will be pleased to hear that a program called Grow Taller 4 Idiots offers an incredible solution that confounds the notions held to be true by the average physician.

Darwin Smith is the man behind Grow Taller 4 Idiots, and he started out with the development of this program because he himself wanted to be taller than he was. That’s good news for buyers because it is so often the case that the folks behind these ‘miracle’ products are just scammers looking to fleece the public.

That’s not true of Darwin Smith, and while to be fair he hasn’t an ounce of medical training, what cannot be argued with is that he has discovered a reliable method of boosting height simply by altering one’s day by day diet. But how is this even possible when doctors and medicos of all kind pour scorn on the idea?

Well, according to Darwin Smith, it’s a matter of kick-starting the body’s production of those all-important growth hormones. These hormones normally fade out around the end of the teen years, or your very early twenties if you’re lucky. But it seems production of growth hormones CAN be reactivated by eating the right foodstuffs.

The exact nature of the foods you need to focus on is not freely published, for obvious reasons. But it is all explained at length in Darwin’s fat PDF, which will set you back $47 at the current time. That’s not a huge sum to shell out, but nevertheless some buyers may hesitate because they feel they do not have adequate proof of the veracity of Darwin’s claims.

Well, the good news is that there’s no risk in taking a punt on the product and seeing how it shapes up. All the signs are that it will be money well spent, but if it doesn’t work for you, what makes your purchase a no-brainer is that Darwin will refund your cash with no quibbles or complaints whatsoever.

A Precise Insight into the Boost Your Bust Program

In the age where physical attributes could make or break your love life and future, a big bust is certainly a big deal for most women. A bigger bust means bold personality and many guys will definitely be flocking to you.

Thousands of women have resorted to cosmetic surgery to enhance their bust using implants. However, the dangers of such procedures are well documented. For this reason, natural bust enhancement methods are increasingly gaining traction.

Boost Your Bust is a popular bust enhancement product that relies on natural processes. The program promises to help you achieve bigger, rounded, and well-shaped breasts that men love. A lot of women know that bigger breasts can boost self-esteem – besides the obvious sexual appeal to men – so they are rushing for new alternatives in all-natural breast enhancement methods.

Unique Techniques For Breast Enhancement

boost your bustAdmittedly, there are a multitude of breast enhancement tips on the Internet, but Boost Your Bust offers unique strategies that have been tested on real people. Most of the advice you find randomly strewn on the Internet is based on hearsay so it cannot be trusted. On the other hand, this manual provides tips that the author, Jenny Bolton, has tested on herself as well as on countless other women.

Let’s take a look at some of the key highlights in the manual:

Ten Bra-bursting Foods: Inside the manual, you will find a list of ten foods that are touted as ‘bra-busting’ foods. In other words, these foods will supercharge growth of your bust in a short time.

The Amazing Message: Apparently, the breast massage technique presented in the manual causes the body to release the growth hormone directly into the breasts, thus leading to fast size increase.

Clothing Tips: Most women know that clothes are a big disguise weapon if used correctly. The author shares clothing secrets that will give an impression of a big bust. Obviously this is a temporary measure as you wait for the full natural results to take effect.

Enhancement creams: There are countless over-the-counter breast enhancement creams in pharmacies but the majority of these contain harmful chemicals that can hinder growth hormone production. However, this manual will teach you how to concoct your own home made creams using natural ingredients.

Recipes for breast growth: The author shares a plethora of delicious recipes that can boost the growth of your breasts.

Supplements: Not all supplements are made equal. Some are outright dangerous while others are super effective and give fast results. Inside this manual you will be introduced to a ‘secret’ supplement that supercharges breast growth.

Estrogen Facts: The all important female hormone estrogen is discussed in detail in the manual. There are many half-truths told about estrogen on the Internet. These manual does a great job of bursting those myths.

Breast exercises: The manual provides illustrations for 5 exercises that are believed to increase bust size.

In all, this manual has proven effective for thousands of women looking to enhance bust size. It is 100% safe and works pretty fast using simple breast enlargement techniques.

Lose Weight Reliably and Safely with the Fat Loss Factor

In the modern era, obesity is probably the biggest curse that ruins and destroys lives on a massive scale. And, while some would argue that fat folk have only themselves to blame for their predicament, you cannot help but feel sorry for these people. The question is, what is the best way out of the obesity trap?

Well, the first thing to say is that diets and exercise programs exist in their thousands. There are so many different products and approaches to the problem of how to zap fat fast that the mind boggles. Of course, the bad news is that many of these methods do not work, or at least they provide only limited results.

fat loss factorFurthermore, some of the wilder and woolier schemes for dropping pounds involve the use of a wide variety of dangerous chemicals and substances. Some of the dodgy pills freely sold on the internet can easily kill you if you misuse them, while others may not produce lethal results but they can and will lead to significantly negative changes inside your body that could harm your long-term health.

On the other hand, there are some products that are based on good sense and sound nutritional principles. These are the products that seem to garner the most positive reviews and comments on a raft of websites and blogs.

A prime example of such a product is the Fat Loss Factor, which has been around for a few years now but has never left the top of the weight loss charts, so to speak.

The developer of Fat Loss Factor is a qualified medical practitioner and nutritional expert by the name of Mike Allan. That means FLF contains reliable information on how to drop pounds quickly and above all safely.

Mike Allan claims that users of his program get spectacular weight loss results in just twelve weeks, provided they follow his methods closely. So, what do you have to do to lose weight Fat Loss Factor style?

Well, the crux of the initial phase of Fat Loss Factor is a rigorous cleanse using lemonade and various natural foods. This is designed to flush out poisons and toxins from your body. These nasties are known to lurk in your bod, and getting rid of them provides a firm foundation for the subsequent phases of FLF.

After about a fortnight of detoxification, you follow this up with ongoing healthy eating – but introducing a wider variety of foodstuffs. Furthermore, you are required to engage in a program of vigorous physical exercise.

The mention of exercise may be a turn-off for some, because they would like to zap fat without expending physical effort. But, according to Mike Allan, that’s a pipe dream. The good news, though, is that exercising the FLF way only has to be done in three sessions per week, with each session maxing out at one hour of activity.

Mike Allan’s Fat Loss Factor comes in the form of a core e-book along with a large number of informative video presentations. That means the product is ideally suited to fat people’s needs, whatever their favored learning styles. Maybe that’s part of the reason why the program is a proven success story in the world of weight loss.

Women – Capture His Heart with Stunning Guide

These days, there are dozens of products out there that claim to help people attract lovers, or to put the excitement factor back into dull relationships. Now, the problem for women is that quite a few of these products are angled at men, especially those who aspire to be ‘playas’ in the dating scene.

capture his heartOf course, what’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander, but nevertheless women do not generally operate in the same manner as a male pick-up artist, so what is needed is a product that targets the needs of women more specifically.

The good news is that one or two such programs have been coming onto the market in recent months, and perhaps the most notable of these is something called Capture His Heart. This program is the brain child of Mike Fiore, who has several other strings to his bow, but this product unlike his others is definitely intended to cater to the needs of the female of the species.

In Capture His Heart, Mike Fiore aims to turn things around for gals whose relationships always seem to fall apart at the seams. Of course, there are many reasons why that kind of negative pattern can emerge, but you can bet that one of them is through women’s problems understanding what makes men ‘tick’. This is what Fiore can potentially transform if you give his product a shot.

While the methods advocated by Mike Fiore in Capture His Heart are not so simple that they can be summed up in a few words, it is reasonable to say that a big trap for women to avoid is being excessively clinging or needy. This is one of the main causes of making nervous men cut and run. Therefore, if women can eliminate this type of behavior, they’ll reap stunning rewards.

A second important topic covered is how to get a commitment-phobic gent to embrace being in a long-term relationship. This might sound like a tall order, but Fiore explains that women can plant subtle seeds in the male mind, and this pays off in the long run.

The third ‘biggie’ in this program is the issue of how men like to think of themselves as hunters when it comes to getting their way with a woman. According to Fiore, men are frequently turned off if the rewards come too quickly and easily. That might sound counter-intuitive, but basically giving men what they want, or acquiescing to them too readily, is a bad move for a woman, and she should instead play ‘hard to get’, at least to some extent.

If this approach is tuned to perfection, it can lead to a man falling head over heels in love with you. Furthermore, the chances are he will remain firmly committed, provided of course that you keep up this and the other methods laid out in Mr Fiore’s e-book.

The cost of this product is forty-seven bucks, which is not exactly expensive, although some would say it is considerably more than mere purse change. If you are reluctant to shell out the required cash, because you are dubious about the claims made, you should know that Mike Fiore will give you a full refund if you are not one hundred percent delighted with your purchase, which is great news.

New Program Helps You Reverse Your Diabetes Today

If there’s one disease which is symptomatic of the problems with today’s diets and lifestyles, it has to be diabetes. This is a creeping curse in America and elsewhere, and the problem lies with over consumption of inappropriate foodstuffs on a massive scale. The net result is that people are going down with diabetes like ninepins – so, what’s to be done?

reverse your diabetes todayWell, one problem is that mainstream medicine doesn’t offer great solutions for diabetes sufferers. According to conventional medics, once diabetes kicks in it is simply a question of managing the disease. In other words there is no cure and victims must basically like it or lump it.

The tragedy is that so many diabetes patients accept such words as gospel and do not look into the possibility that there might be a more radical approach to the disease. A case in point is Matthew Traverso and his remarkable program, which goes by the name Reverse Your Diabetes Today. Now, there’s a promise in a book title, but does this tome really offer what it claims?

Well, in the first instance, there’s a little poetic license here. It says ‘reverse’ your diabetes today, not cure it. You’ll not zap diabetes overnight, but the good news is that you can and will put the process into reverse, and the chances are that you can ultimately eliminate diabetes from your life, provided you follow the methods explained in Traverso’s book.

In the opinion of Matthew Traverso, dealing with diabetes in an effective manner requires a multi-faceted approach. That means you’ll need to look closely at two things. First off, your diet will almost certainly need to change drastically in order to purify your body and restore its natural balance between acid and alkaline. To this end, you’ll have to forsake a wide variety of junk foods and sweet treats in favor of lashings of fresh vegetables and fruits of all kinds. You may not be a big fan of ‘rabbit food’ but you had better get used to it or you will not be zapping diabetes any day soon.

The second thing you’ll need to accept is that your physical activity levels will have to increase. Exercise is known to have a positive effect on the body at a cellular level, and this is the name of the game in Traverso’s strategy for beating diabetes.

With dietary modification and lifestyle changes – for example, upping exercise and reducing stress – diabetes gets attacked on two fronts. But don’t think that Traverso’s message can be reduced to ‘eat your greens and get down the gym’. It’s much more subtle and nuanced than that, and that’s why it has become one of the biggest success stories on the internet.

Costing just $37 to download, Traverso’s diabetes cure is a bargain, but nevertheless some patients may be suspicious and think that it is not worth a try. But the bottom line is that you can give Traverso’s guide a whirl for two months, and if you make no positive progress with your diabetes after that time you can still get your money back with no quibbles. Thus, the guide is a no-brainer for anyone with diabetes!

What Men Secretly Want – the Lowdown for Women

Women these days often complain that the men they hook up with have a tendency to fear commitment. Many women are disappointed to find that the man they thought was a keeper goes running for the hills when the topics of marriage or even a committed long-term relationship are placed on the agenda.

what men secretly wantBut, rather than keeping on making the same mistakes and experiencing the same disappointments in relationship after relationship, did you know there’s a way to turn things around? With the right knowledge and know-how, women can gain incredible insight into the way men’s minds works. They say forewarned is forearmed, and in this case having the all-important understanding concerning how men tick mentally means you can second guess all their little games and make sure you avoid the traps that can so easily lead to a relationship foundering on the rocks.

Perhaps the best way to educate yourself and gain a huge advantage in the love game is to take James Bauer’s latest e-book for a spin. The PDF, simply entitled What Men Secretly Want, is a hot seller round about now, and the reason for this is that it is an effective handbook for women to turn their lives around, certainly so far as their relationships with men are concerned.

Bauer is a former psychological counsellor with a ton of experience under his belt. In addition to his academic grounding in his subject, Bauer has counselled thousands of couples, and he has figured out a lot of the dynamics that go on in relationships.

Bauer’s e-book for women is crammed with information, but if it was possible to sum up his basic, core idea, it is that women need to understand what men crave, which surprisingly enough is not so much love as admiration. A large number of men are short on self-esteem and so they tend to crumble when a woman doesn’t respect them. When faced with this scenario, rather than tough it out, lots of men simply run for cover. This explains why so many men move from relationship to relationship with such astonishing speed.

In the opinion of James Bauer, there are massive communications gaps separating women and men. They talk in different ways and use different language. The biggest mistake women can make is to use certain trigger phrases and words which tend to alarm men and make them fear women are criticizing and undermining them. Bauer says it is possible to change the ways you communicate with your man and thus dodge the traps that can lead to a bust-up.

Some women may be reluctant to shell out the $47 cost of James Bauer’s book, on the grounds that this is no mere pocket change and the claims made for the book are not verified. That’s fair enough, but there are two things you should know. Firstly, there are many satisfied customers who have posted positive reviews on the internet, so that’s one way of showing this is no scam.

Secondly, James Bauer wants you to buy with confidence, so he generously offers the opportunity to claw back a full refund if you are not happy with your purchase. This applies even after an incredible sixty days.

Men Can Easily Score with Women Using Magnetic Messaging Guide

Men looking to become a huge success with women should know that there’s a secret weapon that they may have overlooked up till now. The smart phone, while it is rarely out of many fellows’ hands, actually offers incredible possibilities that most men are probably completely unaware of. Any man who wants to break the cycle of failure when it comes to hooking up with ladies should read on for more information.

magnetic messagingWhere the smart phone really scores is in its ability to target women with a relentless campaign of text messaging. A man who takes advantage of what his smart phone has to offer in this regard will undoubtedly stand a much better chance of getting a woman interested in him. But how does this actually work in practice?

Well, the man who can explain all is Bobby Rio, who is something of a legend in the pick-up game. Men all over the globe know of Bobby’s exploits as detailed on his website and various publications. Now, Bobby Rio is obviously a master at smooth-talking gals, and his success rate is consequently astounding, but he says that ANY man can emulate his achievements – unless he has two heads, of course.

Bobby Rio’s brand new e-book is called Magnetic Messaging, and it focuses fair on square on smart phone communications, which Rio says are core to success in today’s dating world. The trick is to stay in touch with a woman, using the phone to keep yourself uppermost in her waking thoughts.

One thing you must understand is that, these days, women are far from being shrinking violets. Decent-looking women know they are very much in demand, and so they think nothing of serial dating. Of course, they’ll not tell the man they see on Monday that they have another one lined up for Tuesday, but they say all’s fair in love and war, so there’s no point getting resentful. That’s the way things are, so deal with it!

Bobby Rio explains in his book that the way to steal a march on the other guy is not to sit back after a date with a gal. She’ll most likely be exploring other possibilities, so if you want to be in with a shot you must reach for the phone in your pocket and start texting. You did get her number, didn’t you?

Now, some men reading this may say that Rio’s approach won’t work for them because they’re not so good at stringing words together. That’s a fair objection, but Bobby has your back, because in his book he offers a raft of examples of messages you can use. So, if you are lacking in inspiration for penning sexy texts, you can easily use something Bobby offers in his book. You might have to change it up a tad but you will find it easier than composing from scratch.

The other thing that’s important to understand is to keep the tone of your texts friendly at first. Don’t dive into coarseness or sexy references too soon otherwise you could scare off the woman you’re interested in.

All this and more is explained in Bobby Rio’s amazing book, which costs just $47 to download in PDF form.

Enchant Him Guide is Women’s Passport to Love Success

Many women today are becoming disillusioned with relationships and the dating game. A common complaint one hears from such women is that men are not worth it, because they are fickle as hell and tend to go rushing for the nearest hill when marriage or commitment are mentioned.

enchant himFurthermore, some women find that what starts out as a great relationship begins to become stagnant after a short time. In this case, there’s a need for something to ‘pep up’ the relationship and put some excitement and romance back into the mix.

When faced by these kinds of problems, lots of women are getting desperate, but the great news is that a new book offers a chance to turn things round in a major way. The book is written by two authors who have a great deal of experience in the day to day psychology of relationships, which they’ve now distilled down and put into a very readable form in the guide.

Enchant Him, which is jointly penned by Nicky Bastion and Carrie Engel, is based around the idea that successful relationships and marriages always have tons of enchantment at their center – hence the title. If you look at women who get their pick of men, and not only that but they stay at their sides for the long haul, you’ll see that these are gals who have a knack of keeping the flames of love burning in the relationship. They’re always one step ahead of the game and know exactly how to make a man stay in love with them – just by the things they do and say on a daily basis.

Now, that comes naturally for some gals, but other women struggle to do the same thing, and that’s where Bastion and Engel come to the rescue with their e-book. According to the authors, one of the key changes that women with problems need to make is to change the way they communicate with their men. Getting on a man’s wavelength is vital when it comes to keeping a relationship stable and secure.

To be fair, success for women in relationships depends on maintaining perfect balance. The trick is neither to acquiesce too much or to be too bossy. Of course, being too domineering is sure to turn a man off, but many women try the opposite approach, which is to become a doormat who gives in all the time and lets a man walk all over her. Although men may find such ‘soft touch’ gals appealing in the short term, they only truly respect women who give as good as they get, and this is where steering a middle course will pay rich dividends in the long run.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the Bastion/Engel book is the fact it’s offered for sale accompanied by a very decent cashback offer. The authors are understandably confident about their product, but they do offer buyers the chance to grab back their money if for some reason the book fails to satisfy, and this offer can be taken up even sixty days after purchase!